Research activities

Research topics of interest:

  • PHM-Prognostics and Health Management
  • Predictive and prescriptive/intelligent maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Reliability and maintenance modelling
  • Degradation modelling and performances prediction
  • Reliability Importance measures and related applications for complex systems
  • Dynamic grouping maintenance and routing optimization for multi-component systems
  • IA for prognostics and maintenance decision-making and optimization

Research projects:

  • Industrial contracts:
    • Participation in a collaboration contract with Electricité de France (EDF), 2003-2004 (significant participation in the development of a reliability important measures)
    • Participation in a collaboration contract, as part of IMdR, with Prédict and Sector "Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), Contract S15309-R01H, 2017 (significant participation in the bibliographic study around advanced methods prognosis)
    • Strong involvement in a contract with GRTGaz, in collaboration with Prédict and Sector "Feasibility study relating to the implementation of a predictive maintenance solution", contract S18143-P01B, 2018. (Scientific co-leader with Pr. Benoit Iung)
    • Strong involvement in a collaboration contract with Renault automotive "development of a tool for smoothing of maintenance loads", 2018/2019 (leader of the development of the algorithm and its implementation)
  • Academic research projects:
    • Participation in the european project H2020-ICT AI-PROFICIENT (Artificial Intelligence for improved PROduction efFICIEncy, quality and maintenance (10 partners europeans, 2020-2023). My role is to develop a task in the workparkage entrusted to UL)
    • SAFEE - Fault and Reliable dynamic systems. (2011-2012,partners: CRAN, LAGIS, ICD)
    • APPRODYN - DYNamic reliability approaches for modeling systems critics (2010-2012, partner: EDF R&D/MRI, CRAN, INRIA Bordeaux Southwest, and UTT)
    • Participation in the european project MoDe - Maintenance on demand (8 partners europeans, 2009-2012). My role was to develop a task in the workparkage entrusted to UTT)
    • Participation in the VITTEL project (fonctional degradation modelling: Assessment of its impact on the competitiveness and reliability of the industry of
      future) funded by the Lorraine region, 2016-2017. My contribution was the degradation modeling using gamma process
    • Leader of prognostic algorithms and implementation axis of ANR LABCOM PHM-Factory ANR-15-LCV1-0005-01 (Manufactur of cyber physical technologies for PHM (prognostics and Health Management), a joint laboratories between research organizations and SMEs CRAN/Predict.
    • Scientific co-leader of the CAPE-COFECUB project - towards an intelligent autonomous system for maintenance optimization in an industry 4.0 context, (project Ph950 / 19) co-funded by the ANR in collaboration with the UFPE team (University Federal Republic of Pernambuco), Brazil, 2019-2022.


  • In progress (3):
    • IA-based proactive maintenance decision-marking for industry 4.0 (Van-Thai Nguyen, 11/2020, co-supervision with Alexandre Voisin)
    • Machine Learning-based Failure prognosis and decision support optimization for predictive maintenance combining expert knowledge and process data (Antony Gay, 03/2020, co-supervision with Alexandre Voisin et Benoit Iung)
    • Failure prognosis and decision making for predictive maintenance of a hydrogen power generator using Artificial Intelligence  (Soufian Echabarri, 10/2022, co-supervision with Dr. Hai-Canh Vu)
  • Past supervisions (6 PhD + 7 Masters)
    • TRUONG Minh-Tuan (Co-supervision with Prof.Benoit Iung): PhD title: Test plan optimization method for reliability assessment of optoelectronic components, Defended in September 2022
    • Duc-Hanh DINH (Co-supervision with Prof.Benoit Iung): PhD title: Predictive maintenance for multi-components with assembly/disassembly impacts Defended in October 2021
    • Ho-Si-Hung NGUYEN (Co-supervision with Prof.Benoit Iung): PhD title: "Dynamic maintenance grouping for geographically dispersed production systems". Defended in October 2019
    • Hoang Anh (Co-supervision with Prof.Benoit Iung): PhD title "Energy efficiency-based Prognostics for maintenance of industrial systems". Defended in July 2017
    • Kim-Anh NGUYEN (Co-supervision with Prof.Antoine Grall): PhD title "Predictive maintenance for complex systems using importance measures". Defended in October 2015,
    • Hai-Canh VU (Co-supervision with Prof.Anne Barros): PhD title "Dynamic and stationnary grouping maintenance models for multi-component systems with complex structure" . Defended in March 2015
    • 7 Pre-Doctoral or Masters of science thesis