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Phuc Do (or Phuc Do Van) is an associate professor at University of Lorraine (France). He is a lecturer at TELECOM Nancy (School of Engineering in Information Technology, University of Lorraine), associated school of Institut Mines-Telecom. He conducts research at CRAN lab (Research Centre for Automatic Control), Joint Research Unit (UMR 7039) associated with University of Lorraine and CNRS. His research interests include stochastic modelling for evaluation/prediction of performance indicators, reliability and maintenance modelling, optimization of maintenance policies (condition-based maintenance, predictive/prescriptive maintenance decision-making, opportunistic and dynamic grouping maintenance, AI-based maintenance optimization), reliability importance measures, and their related applications.
Phuc Do received his Ph.D. in systems optimisation and dependability in 2008 from University of Technology of Troyes (France), where he held an assistant professor position from 2008 to 2011. He joined Lorraine University in September 2011. He obtained his habilitation HDR (Habilitation à Rédiger des Recherches) intitled "Towards a prescriptive maintenance" from Lorraine University in 2019.

    Phuc Do
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