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SenseVid is a a new video transmission and evaluation tool that follows the same principle of EvalVid while being specific to WSN. SenseVid can help network researchers to assess network protocols targeted to video applications in WSN.

Reference paper :

Moufida Maimour. "SenseVid : A traffic trace based tool for QoE Video transmission assessment dedicated to Wireless Video Sensor Networks". Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Volume 87, September 2018, Pages 120-137.


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SenseVid Options List

Parameter Option Possible values Default value Explanation / example
Simulation Id -s --sim Valid linux name sim /sensevid videos/hall_qcif.avi -s sim1 creates and puts outputs in hall_qcif-sim1 folder located at the current directory
Output directory -o --dir Valid linux name ./ /sensevid videos/hall_qcif.avi -o ~/SIM2 creates and puts outputs in ~/SIM2/hall_qcif-sim folder
Encoder -c --codec SMPEGSMPEG Compression technique
GOP coefficient (γ) -g --gopCoef [0,255] 0 γ determines if a frame should be M or S-encoded. Zero value produces only M-frames
Quality coefficient -q --qualityCoef 1..100 10 QF, integer, allows trade-off between quality level and compression rate
Number of levels for M frames -l --levelsNb 1..131 Integer range
DCT -d --dct CLA, sLLM, sBIN, tLLM, tBINtBIN sBIN and tBIN for respectively square and triangular BIN DCT
Zone size (ρ) -z --zoneSize (1..8) 8 ρ determines the side length of the triangular or square DCT.
Entropy coder -e --entropy EG, RLE_EG, HUFFMAN EG
EG - all values are encoded using  exponential-Golomb.
RLE_EG - DC : VLI (size, DCValue) = (symb1,symb2), AC : RLE_EG.
HUFFMAN - DC : VLI (size, DCValue) = (symb1,symb2), AC : symb1, symb2
	  symb1=(RL_zeros,size_amplitude),  symb2=amplitude
	  Huffman is applied on symb1 (both AC and DC)
Max. S-frame priority level (σ) -m --maxLevelS 0..4 0 There are 5 priority levels for S-frames. σ determines the maximum priority level to consider.
threshold (θ) -t --thresh 0..255 1 Thresholding step parameter for S-frames
Resolution -w --width -h --height Multiple of 8 Original video resolution Mainly used to downsample video frames. Optional preprocessing phase.
FPS -f --fps Original video FPS Mainly to reduce the frame frequency capture. Optional preprocessing phase.
Packet payload size -p --pps 96 Size is given in bytes.
Receiver trace file -r --rt Valid linux name Path to the receiver trace file. Decoding phase.

SenseVid packet and frame traces

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