Ph.D. students:

  • Cesar Marcos Bragagnolo
  • Jihene Ben Rejeb
  • Mohamad Taki Asghar
  • Tommaso Borzone


Research interests:

  • Dynamical Systems
    • Multi-agent systems
    • Singularly Perturbed Systems
    • Linear Impulsive Systems
    • Opinion Dynamics
    • Nonlinear Systems
    • Time Delay Systems
    • Nonsmooth Lagrangian Systems (an illustrative work on the trajectory tracking of a two-link planar manipulator was done with the SICONOS simulation platform
  • Control: Theory and applications
    • Stability/Stabilization
    • Robustness
    • Agreement algorithms
    • Decentralized control
  • Related projects:

  • NICETWEET - Opinion dynamics in social networks in presence of multiple decision-makers), PRC ANR, 2020-2024
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu ,
  • DECIDE - Décisions économiques fondées sur la dynamique d'opinion dans un réseau de consommateurs, CNRS MITI, 2019
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu ,
  • HANDY- Hybrid and networked dynamical systems, PRC ANR, 2018-2022
    Principal Investigator: L. Zaccarian ,
  • High performance formation control in the presence of uncertainties and communication constraints. CEFIPRA Project, France-India, 2018-2020
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu ,
  • Dynamique d'opinion dans un reseau social en presence de marketers en competition, PEPS S2IH INS2I, 2018
    Principal Investigator: S. Lasaulce,
  • AI methods for the networked control of assistive UAVs. AUF Project, Romania-France-Hungary, 2015-2017
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu ,
  • Artificial-intelligence-based optimisation for the control of networked and hybrid systems. PICS CNRS France-Romania, 2015-2017
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu ,
  • Artificial-intelligence-based optimization for the stable and optimal control of networked systems. PHC Brancusi France-Romania, 2015-2016
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu ,
  • Impact of opinion dynamics in social network campaigns, PEPS INS2I, 2017
    Principal Investigator: V.S. Varma,
  • Control of opinion dynamics with asynchronous interactions, PEPS INS2I, 2016
    Principal Investigator: S. Martin,
  • Truffles’ system inference with gene networks (TRUFFINET) , PEPS Mirabelle, 2014-2015
    Principal Investigator: A. Gueudin-Muller,
  • COMPACS - Computation Aware Control Systems, ANR, 2014-2018.
    Principal Investigator: A. Girard,
    Coordinator of scientific activities for CRAN partner: I.-C. Morărescu
  • Qualitative analysis and design of decentralized controllers for multi-agent systems. PHC Tournesol (France- Belgium), 2012-2013.
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu, W. Michiels
  • Analysis and comtrol-design for interconnected systems. Lorraine region project (France), 2013.
    Principal Investigator: I.-C. Morărescu
  • Physically-Based Collaborative Simulations under Various Network Configurations. CNRS-KOSEF (France- South Korea), 2010-2011.
    Principal Investigator: S.-I.Niculescu, J. Cheong
  • Development of models and methods for the identification and control of biotechnological and biological systems. Idei" CNCSIS ID 54, 2009-2011, Romania.
    Principal Investigator: D. Selisteanu
  • ECO-NET DIE: Dynamique - Interconexions - Environment, no.12645SD, Egide, (founded by CNRS), 2006-2007, France.
    Project Investigator: S.-I.Niculescu, V. Răsvan
  • Treatment of the fuel wastes, Contract of the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania, INVENT 194/28-09-2004
    Project Investigator: O. Stănăsilă