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Hugues Garnier, Liuping Wang (Eds.)
Identification of Continuous-time Models from Sampled Data
Springer Verlag, 2008
ISBN 978-1-84800-161-9


Identification of Continuous-time Models from Sampled Data brings together contributions from well-known experts who present an up-to-date view of this active area of research and describe recent methods and software tools developed in this field.

The Continuous-Time System Identification (CONTSID) toolbox described in the book gives an overview of developments and practical examples in which MATLABŪ can be brought to bear in the cause of direct time-domain identification of continuous-time systems.This survey of methods and results in continuous-time system identification will be a valuable reference for a broad audience drawn from researchers and graduate students in signal processing as well as in systems and control. It also covers comprehensive material suitable for specialised graduate courses in these areas.

Twenty-three international experts have contributed to this work to produce fourteen chapters that can be read independently or as a comprehensive whole with a logical line of reasoning.

The book was published in March 2008 by Springer Verlag, London. 

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