Research interest:

  • Statistical signal processing: multidimensional harmonic retrieval
  • Inverse problems: deconvolution, sparse regularization
  • Hyperspectral imaging: infrared spectroscopy, micro-XRF imaging
  • Image processing: filtering and detection of vessels


  • David Brie and Charles Soussen (CRAN and L2S): Inverse problems and sparse approximation
  • Béatrice Faivre, Noémie Thomas, Hélène Dumond (CRAN): Image processing and quantification of vascular networks
  • Sophie Pinel and Magalie Thomassin (CRAN): Modeling of tumor growth and invasion
  • Thierry Bastogne (CRAN): System identification, ECG signal processing
  • Jean Cauzid and Cécile Fabre (GeoRessources): Hyperspectral image processing
  • Cédric Carteret (LCPME, Nancy): Variable selection in infrared spectroscopy signals
  • Vincent Mazet (ICube, Strasbourg): Sparse decomposition of spectroscopic signals