Alexis Aubry's homepage

Associate Professor with University of Lorraine

Senior Scientist with CRAN (Research Centre for Automatic Control)




Since 2008, I am an associate professor with the University of Lorraine.

I am teaching at Bachelor's level to students involved in the bachelor "Sciences for the Engineer" and at Master level to students involved in the Master on "Complex Systems Engineering". The objective of this program concerns bringing students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in systems engineering.

My teaching topics concern:
Enterprise Information Systems: ERP, MES, Business to Manufacturing Interoperability between ERP and MES
Planning, Control and Optimisation of the production: MRP, Just-in-Time, Theory of Constraints, Operational Research for the optimisation of the production, Laan Manufacturing
Quality Management: Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, 6-Sigma

Supervisory of students for the french contest for Systems Engineering "RobAFIS"

Between 2009 and 2011, I have supervised a team of students from the MSc "Complex Systems Engineering" for competing in the contest for Systems Engineering "RobAFIS". RobAFIS is an annual contest organised by the french chapter for Systems Engineering "AFIS". The students have to build a robot satisfying some given specifications and using only some parts of a kit Lego MINDSTORMS®.

This contest has a double objective:
Evaluating the performances of a robot in a real environment in comparison with some oponents,
Evaluating how the objectives defined by the specifications have been taking into account by applying the fundamentals of the systems engineering.

Thus, this contest is orginal as it does not consider only the performances of the developped robot.